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Safety and Hygiene

As a mum of two young children I understand the importance of safety and hygiene. 
You can rest assured that:


  • I use professional water based face paints, which are FDA approved.
  • They are designed specifically for use on the face.
  • Children with cold sores, conjunctivitis, open wounds or any apparent skin disease will not be painted. As an alternative, arm painting may be offered.
  • I will not paint over skin conditions or cuts.
  • Sponges are machine washed straight after all events.
  • Brushes are washed with specialist soap between events.
  • Water is regularly changed.
  • The face paints are easily removed with a face cloth and water.

Terms and conditions

  • Fab Faces is fully insured.
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times.
  • Whilst I will encourage a child who is reluctant, I will only face paint a child who wants to be face painted.
  • Face painting is fun; children should not be made to have their face painted.
  • I can paint any age from 2 – 102. It is not advisable to paint children under that age of 2 years as they may have sensitive skin and tend to be to young to sit still.
  • It is at the facepainter's discretion as to when the she 'closes' the queue to enable her to finish at the agreed time.
  • Faces/symbols that I consider to be offensive will not be painted.
  • If more guests want to be painted than were booked for, I may not manage all in the time quoted. If I can stay longer I will, if you wish to pay for the extra time.
  • Venues other than your home – It is your responsibility when booking your chosen venue to obtain permission for Fab Faces to paint at your party.
  • For private parties – The client is responsible for informing parents of attending children that there will be a facepainter at the event and advising the facepainter if there are any children that cannot be painted.
  • Fab Faces can provide business cards for your party bags.
  • For safety reasons, please don’t allow children to play in the area being painted in.
  • If your event is to be outside cover/shelter will be required.
  • Decent lighting is required, whether in the form of natural lighting or lights/lamps.
  • Fab Faces will provide chairs/stools. I can also bring a table if required.
  • Car parking costs are to be covered by the client.
  • If it is a ticketed event the client is to either ensure that the face painter will get free entry or provide a entry ticket before the event.

Bookings and Payment

  • Early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment
  • Please pay by cheque (Carol Smith) or cash at the time of the event.
  • Cancellations made after signing and returning your booking form will incur a charge of 40% of original fee
  • Cancellations within 28 days of the event incur a charge of 50% of original fee
  • Cancellations within 7 days of the event will incur a charge equal to 100% of original fee
  • Photos on are protected by © copyright and may not be used in any way, shape or form without written permission of the artist.
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